OH! are constantly on the look out for corporate alliances.
Need a vending machine in your business?
Contact us to discuss ways in which we can provide your staff with quality and comfortable hosiery for their every day corporate needs via a convenient private vending machine.
We can provide vending machines to any business that requires hosiery which forms part of their corporate uniform, this may include airport crew rooms, hospital nurse quarters and the like. We are able to provide revenue share to businesses that allow us to operate our vending machines in their business locations.
Providing a convenient solution for an integral part of any female uniform is critical in ensuring your staff always look their best and represent the brand with a high standard.
Your staff will always perform better when they are comfortable and by providing them an OH! vending machine in their quarters brings many benefits to your staff and the business.
Providing a premium hosiery product at a supermarket price metres away from your staff's desks ensures there is no down time when that untimely ladder appears right before that important presentation or at the beginning of that long haul shift when there is simply no time to chase down that valuable packet of hosiery.
Our vending machines have won favour in the aviation sector due to rigid schedules and flight times, both domestically and internationally demanding a high quality, premium hosiery product that provides essential compression and comfort for high altitude wear with over 10+ hours of flying time.
If you feel an OH! vending machine is the right choice for your business – contact us today.